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Who TF is J.Hurt


J.Hurt - Don’t Know (prod. IAMNOBODI)

2nd single off my upcoming project entitled #Regression

13fcali asked:
Love all your work with the soulection artists. Hope to catch you in LA or ATL one day

much appreciated, and hopefully !

Lyrics and explanations to my new track “Don’t Know” #EITR2014 #WhoTFisJHurt

J.Hurt - Don’t Know (prod. IAMNOBODI)

2nd single off my upcoming project entitled #Regression

I think I’m going to drop a single for #Regression tonight..


#Regression is the upcoming tape from SoCal rapper and Elephant in the Room artist J.Hurt . This video is somewhat a public service announcement to put people on notice that the project will be released very soon. Follow on Twitter @WhoTFisJHurt. Check out the first single from #Regression “I Promise” here —-…

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Shout out to the talented photographer/videographer Andy Salinas for putting together the video.

Check out the latest single from EITR artists Katori Walker featuring J.Hurt off his upcoming mixtape #Cloud90 —…

Be sure to check out the rest of EITR: Casual Jamar, Kiwan, Ouja Marek, Faith James, Prestige, AEli, and so forth. Get with the movement !

dontshoootmedown asked:
I mess withchu homie your tracks go pretty Hard, much love from Santa Ana, Cali

glad you fckin with it homie, spread the word ! had some good times down in santa ana much love to ur city

nicoleslament asked:
I'm really digging your music! It's modern with an old school flare. My crew thought you were from the east coast at first haha Keep doing your thing, the DMV gotchu :)

word thats a interesting description, good lookin out ! much respect to you too

svmm-r asked:
Your music is so dope man, keep it real.

thanks bruh , ima do that

Getting on the remix of this track for some of my homies in France, Check them out and show love

fvckkhanglu asked:
Ayoo Dope Stuff B, Keep On Ya Grind, Its Hard But It All Gon' Pay Off B, Word Up.

much appreciATed support man, i m not stoppin no time soon… make sure to spread the word !

behindxanaxbars-deactivated2014 asked:
Do you do hard copies bruh?

i have, but not at the moment. When my next tape #Regression drops there will be free hard copies

Unofficial Tracklist to #Regression … #WhoTFisJHurt 

Unofficial Tracklist to #Regression … #WhoTFisJHurt

hiphophead4life asked:
Just peeped one of your tracks.. its great. Keep it up. Xo

thank you, i can tell by ur blog u have good taste…make sure to check out the rest of my music i have a few mixtapes online, you can start at my Soundcloud and find more tracks and links