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Who TF is J.Hurt
Anonymous asked:
I'm still a big fan of yours, but judging from your latest tracks, it seems like you're losing the fire you had in your older tracks. You still got your flow, but sometimes your rhymes don't even correlate with each other and jump from topic to topic without any context.

I appreciate it man, and nah it might seem like that superficially but you got to read between the lines…on RapGenius it explains how Don’t Know is a drunk rant addressing criticisms, Stripper Song is pretty self explanatory, I Promise is pretty much me rapping all cocky and confident b4 I #regress on the tape and start rapping about the fear of failure in the next song…you’ll see fam. Derek Fisher is pretty much a freestyle, but for the most part I’m rapping about not selling my soul to impress people or to make money off music, because its been a couple people in the industry that approached me about changing my styles to be more marketable.

J.Hurt - Derek Fisher prod. J-Louis

Newly released track ! 

A little freestyle type track that didn’t fit on the tape. #Regression


J.Hurt - Don’t Know (prod. IAMNOBODI)

2nd single off my upcoming project entitled #Regression


13fcali asked:
Love all your work with the soulection artists. Hope to catch you in LA or ATL one day

much appreciated, and hopefully !

Lyrics and explanations to my new track “Don’t Know” #EITR2014 #WhoTFisJHurt

I think I’m going to drop a single for #Regression tonight..


#Regression is the upcoming tape from SoCal rapper and Elephant in the Room artist J.Hurt . This video is somewhat a public service announcement to put people on notice that the project will be released very soon. Follow on Twitter @WhoTFisJHurt. Check out the first single from #Regression “I Promise” here —-…

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Shout out to the talented photographer/videographer Andy Salinas for putting together the video.

Check out the latest single from EITR artists Katori Walker featuring J.Hurt off his upcoming mixtape #Cloud90 —…

Be sure to check out the rest of EITR: Casual Jamar, Kiwan, Ouja Marek, Faith James, Prestige, AEli, and so forth. Get with the movement !

dontshoootmedown asked:
I mess withchu homie your tracks go pretty Hard, much love from Santa Ana, Cali

glad you fckin with it homie, spread the word ! had some good times down in santa ana much love to ur city

nicoleslament asked:
I'm really digging your music! It's modern with an old school flare. My crew thought you were from the east coast at first haha Keep doing your thing, the DMV gotchu :)

word thats a interesting description, good lookin out ! much respect to you too

svmm-r asked:
Your music is so dope man, keep it real.

thanks bruh , ima do that

Getting on the remix of this track for some of my homies in France, Check them out and show love

fvckkhanglu asked:
Ayoo Dope Stuff B, Keep On Ya Grind, Its Hard But It All Gon' Pay Off B, Word Up.

much appreciATed support man, i m not stoppin no time soon… make sure to spread the word !

behindxanaxbars-deactivated2014 asked:
Do you do hard copies bruh?

i have, but not at the moment. When my next tape #Regression drops there will be free hard copies

Unofficial Tracklist to #Regression … #WhoTFisJHurt 

Unofficial Tracklist to #Regression … #WhoTFisJHurt